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Our wines


There may be more important things in life than wine. Not for us! VIA VINERA is a brand with many meanings: tradition, mastership, quality, devotion. For us, this name means passion. A passion that can be tasted in every glass of our wines.



We created the Bulgarian Heritage collection honouring the ancient traditions of winemaking, from grape varieties growing on our lands for centuries.



In geography, “contour” is the line that connects points of equal altitude in the same way as our passion for wine connected the terroirs of Karabunar and Kilifarevo. In the Contour range we have collected the most aromatic grapes to create wines of superb taste and aroma, so you can feel pleasure with every single sip. 


Castellum means “fortress” or “watchtower” in Latin. We chose this name for the range of aged wines as an expression of our desire to strictly observe the traditions and spirit of the Bulgarian art of wine-making. We have carefully selected the best batches of wine made from strictly selected grapes.