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The season of International recognition for Via Vinera continues

The season of International recognition for Via Vinera continues

Only a couple of days after the high score from Christy Canterbury (Master of Wine) we have more good news: this time they come from China, where Concours Mondiales de Bruxelles 2018 took place. The results are more than inspiring: Gold medal for Via Vinera Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah 2016 and Silver for Bulgarian Heritage Rubin 2016. 


It is a double recognition for us: on one hand, our new collection Via Vinera with its’ short presence on the market gained worldwide sympathy and on the other, our traditional collection Bulgarian heritage was valued. Consecutively an international appraisal rates high a regional wine from our portfolio, this time Rubin! 


On the other side of the globe, where the most prestigious British wine contest was held - Decanter World Wine Awards 2018, Via Vinera was also ranked with great honors. Here Via Vinera was awarded not only for its’ red wines: Bronze medal for Via Vinera Syrah-Cabernet Franc 2016 and Diploma for Via Vinera Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah 2016, but also for its’ white jewel: Diploma for Via Vinera Chardonnay-Sauvignon Blanc 2017.


All those world evaluations, becoming more frequent, are making us feel proud with our work and encourage us to continue our path with great motivation. We put all our love and enthusiasm in order to show the best from the local terroir, which definitely is not left unnoticed from the international critiques.